From Princess to Zombie in 1 Week!

Hello everyone!

Today was one of my family’s favorite events of the year, the ZOMBIE WALK!!!  Yes, thats right, the zombie walk… no seriously, my family loves it!  My husband and I have been zombie fans for most of our lives, and our daughter has slowly been introduced into our zombie geekery.  The zombie walk, at least here in Calgary, has definitely evolved into a family friendly afternoon.  There are several junior zombies joining in on the fun and the veteran zombies are more than welcoming.  On a whole, I would have to say that if you ever had to run into a group of zombies, the Calgary group would be a good one to choose!!!  We may look terrifying but we are the most tame, friendly zombies you’ll ever meet.

It dawned on me, as we were wreaking zombie havic on 17th ave and posing for pictures from perplexed on-lookers, that I really do have an interesting life.  I mean, just last weekend, my family was frolicking through the conservatory at the zoo, with my daughter dressed as a princess, playing the butterflies!  And this weekend we are covered in (pretend) blood and dirt marching with a hoard through the streets of Calgary looking for BRAINS.  I guess I can’t say I ever get too bored!  Or maybe, its because I get bored easily that I look for things to fill my days with.  In any case, I think my daughter is one lucky little girl.  She has experienced so many fun things in her 5 years of life.  But don’t think that I’m patting my own back here, I’m not, I credit our love of weekend “eventing” to our parents, both mine and my husbands… they always kept us busy doing fun and interesting things to!  So Thanks Mum and Dad, and Mom and Dad, because of you, our daughter can go from a Princess to a Zombie in 1 week!!!

ttfn, xo

PCOS Update:

Supplements: Multi-vit, Vitex, Cayenne Pepper, Green Tea, Omega 3-6-9, High Fibre

Breakfast: a piece of toast and an apple, tea to drink

Lunch: a spinach and goat cheese empanada, water to drink,

LOTS of water on the Zombie walk,

Supper: wholewheat pizza (2 slices) and carrot sticks, coke zero to drink

Exercise: 3 1/2 hours of walking


6 thoughts on “From Princess to Zombie in 1 Week!

  1. I love it! And wish you still lived here so we could go to it together with the girls! Imagine how much fun they would have doing this together. After Makayla saw your pics she said she wanted to be a Zombie Cinderella for Halloween, lol!

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