PCOS Info-What the heck is it?

No seriously, what is it?  I have it and I’m not even sure!  Talk about a confusing syndrome.  If you search the internet for answers to this question all you end up with is more questions, but when you talk to another woman who has been diagnosed the answers come to you.  When I was first diagnosed I started looking up as much information as I possibly could, but it only made me more frustrated.  People have classified PCOS as everything from an auto-immune disease to complete fiction.  To make matters worse, the symptoms vary so much from person to person that you could fill a room with women who all have completely different symptoms but the same diagnosis, not to mention the fact that your symptoms can change over time, especially as you age and your hormone levels change. 

My best resources come in the form of PCOS groups on facebook!  Talking to other woman who have been suffering from, AND BEATING PCOS alot longer than me is very helpful.  I have a wonderful doctor, who helps alot, but talking to other women who truly understand whats going on, is very comforting.  Its a great way to get the support you need and compare notes.  I’ve learnt alot about whats going on in my body and how to manage it.  I am armed with knowledge and now just need the guts to use it.  Actually, its more than just guts, I also need the confidence and will power to follow through.  And patience, don’t forget the patience… there is no miracle cure, no quick fixes…   

So, to answer my original question… PCOS, What the heck is it?  It’s a pain in my butt, thats what it is!  It’s insulin-resistance, obesity, inability to lose weight (no matter how hard I try), ovarian cysts, irregular/absent periods, infertility, chronic fatigue, aches and pains, migrains, hormone imbalance, facial hair and a whole list of smaller symptoms.  But I’m more interested in what it is NOT!  It is NOT the end of the world, it is NOT going to control my life anymore, and it is NOT going to stop me from being healthy and happy!!!

Starting tomorrow I am going to set weekly goals for myself and every Wednesday report on my progress!  And if you want more information on PCOS or some support for your own battle with it, please check out these groups and resource sites.  (please note that the links below are purely for information purposes and should not be used as a substitute for actual medical advise given by your doctor, I am not responsible for any false information given on these sites, please use common sense when assessing the validity of information posted online)

http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=504895939#!/group.php?gid=8635124428  (PCOS Group on Facebook)     http://www.ovarian-cysts-pcos.com/pcos.html#sec1                                                                                                              http://pcossymptoms.com/

Take care everyone, ttfn xo


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