The Dinner!

Well, I did it!!!  I made my Thanksgiving dinner, just like I wrote (for the most part).  I just couldn’t resist, after writing about it.  I used a chicken, instead of a turkey since it was only my husband, my daughter, and myself eating it, and I couldn’t find any brussel sprouts so I used asparagus.  It was so yummy and satisfying.

I started planning the menu and analyzing the ingredients in each dish to try and come up with some healthier options when it dawned on me that maybe I didn’t need to completely change the recipes of each dish.  Yes, it is important to make healthy decisions about food, but it’s also ok to indulge… occasionally.  Afterall, I’m not on a DIET, I’ve ‘changed my lifestyle’, so they say.  A Thanksgiving dinner, with all the trimmings is not typical on my table, so why not treat myself to it!  I didn’t go out of my way to change any of these dishes.  I used what I had in the house already… butter, non-fat sour cream, full fat cream cheese, no-sodium chicken stock, grape seed oil ect ect…  I don’t use salt in my normal everyday cooking so I didn’t use salt in any of these dishes.  I just kept things simple, and realistic.  

Thats the way healthy eating works.  Staying realistic and balanced.  When you consider that you have to continue to eat this way for the rest of your life, it makes sense to find a good balance between the things you love to eat and the healthy choices you are required to make.  Since I knew ahead of time that I was going to be eating things like potatoes and maybe even a cupcake, I made sure to balance that with lots of veggies, protein and fibre for breakfast and lunch.  I am religious about portion control as well.  It helped to remind myself that there are always left overs to be savoured on another day 🙂

All in all, it was a delicious, successful meal and a wonderful way to end a great Thanksgiving weekend!  Now to get my butt in gear, keeping better track of myself, afterall, Christmas is just around the corner and with the potential of a Christmas vacation to California still a possibility, I’ve got some work ahead of me!  I know I won’t be trotting around in a bikini anytime soon, but I’d like to at least feel alittle more comfortable in my own skin before heading to the land of sun, surf and plastic surgery. 

Take care everyone, ttfn!!!


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