Wednesday Weigh-In:1

Good morning everyone!  Today is the day… my first weigh-in… YIKES 😛  I’m nervous about it, for a couple reasons: 1) its hard to admit how much you weigh when you lack self-confidence and feel ashamed; and 2) right now the only people who I know for sure are reading this blog are people I actually know in the real world.  Those who know me the best would tell you that I am no stranger to sharing my weight issues.  After having my daughter I took part in a 6 month weight-loss challenge put on by the local news in Ottawa.  On the show I had to, not only, weigh myself LIVE on tv every week, but was also followed around by cameras, interviewed in my home and all the contestants were put on a strict diet and exercise regime that was taped 3 times a week.  It was then that I realised that I wasn’t the least bit worried about strangers knowing my weight and health issues, it was my friends and family that I was nervous about… all the people who knew me when I was a young, healthy, dancer and swimmer.  They are the ones that I feel I’ve let down, the ones that I am embarrassed in front of.  Non of my family and friends have ever said or done anything to make me feel this way, its actually the complete opposite, they have been nothing but loving and supportive, but still, they are the ones that have seen my fall. 

The weight-loss challenge, by the way, was a complete disaster, at least on my part.  It was the first one they had ever done so there were all the typical hiccups and alot of trial and error as far as the production of the challenge went.  But the worst part of the whole experience was that I only lost 15lbs.  Now, ok, ok, I hear what you are saying… 15lbs is better than 0 lbs, but consider that the program we were put on is the same one that they use for pro athletes, and was specifically designed for rapid weight-loss and a boost in metabolism.  And yes, you are right, slower weight-loss is better for people who are looking to lose alot of weight and keep it off, but this program was designed for people like myself, to lose alot of the excess weight and then begin a maintenance program to lose the rest of the weight and keep it off.  Basically, reprogram your metabolism and retrain your body through exercise and diet.  In any case, suffice it to say 15 lbs was an EPIC FAIL.  The winners of the challenge each lost 50lbs and continued their weight loss, to achieve their goals in under a year.  The experience wasn’t a complete write-off though… it was the whole reason that PCOS was first mentioned.  Once the trainers and my doctor realised that I was working just as hard as everyone else and following the meal plans exactly the way I was supposed to, they started to realise that maybe there was more to my weight gain than just over-eating.  From there we pieced together all my other symptoms, which on their own were insignificant, but placed side by side, showed the real picture, PCOS.

Ok, lets get back on track… enough procrastinating!!!  So here is the plan… every Wednesday I am going to do a weigh-in blog, report on my eating habits for the week and try to attain a goal I’ve set for myself.  I’m going to start off with baby steps and work my way up to harder and harder challenges!  Then every Thursday I will lay out a meal plan for the new week.  I live off of meal plans.  Not only do they take the impulse out of grocery shopping, but they also take the excuses out of meal time… I’ll talk more about that tomorrow though!

So, drum roll please…………. I weigh 279lbs (gasp… the horror… I know 😦  )

I have 2 goals this week! 1) join weight watchers (as prescribed by my doctor… I’ll explain more about that in another post!)  2) lose 1 lbs this week

So there you have it!  That wasn’t so hard 😛  If there is anyone out there who is on their own weight-less, healthy lifestyle journey, I would love to hear from you about what you are doing and how you are progressing!!!

Take care everyone, I am Happy, I am Healthy, I am Fertile, ttfn, xo


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