I’m back!!!

Hello blog world, I’m back!  I didn’t actually intend to take a mini vacation from blogging while my parents were here, but we had so much fun doing all kinds of Halloween activites and just spending time together that I couldn’t pull myself away to write anything. 

For today’s post, I have been inspired by a friend’s question to write some more about PCOS.  She is newly diagnosed, and like most of us, left to filter through the plethora of information all on her own.  It can be so overwhelming and frustrating to pick through the research trying to determine what is valid infortmation.  Even the professionals disagree about what PCOS is and how to manage it.  My first, and best, piece of advise is to join a PCOS support group.  You can ask questions and get real life advise and experiences.  You can talk to women who are successfully controlling their PCOS and learn their tricks!  The information you get is invaluable.   Obviously, a group does not replace medical advise given by your doctor, but managing your health needs to be a joint effort so its important to have your own thoughts, advise and ideas to contribute to the conversation.  Groups are also a great way to get the latest therapies and techniques that research offers and hear from people who are trying them!  But probably the best thing about joining a support group is the motivation and SUPPORT that you get from people who really do understand what your going through!  Just knowing that you are not alone is so comforting and goes a long way to maintaining a postive and healthy outlook. 

This group really helped me when I was feeling lost and overwhelmed:


Well, thats it from me for now… maybe I should make this a Monday feature: PCOS Monday?!  Hope everyone is starting their week off well, I know I am trying to!!!

Take care everyone, I’m Happy, I’m Healthy, I’m Fertile!!! ttfn, xo


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