With all the best intentions!

New day, new week, new year!  All of my holiday hustle and bustle is almost over… still have one Christmas left to go this weekend, and a house full of visitors for the next 10 days, oh and then I have to take down all the Christmas decorations and get the house back in order… no biggie 😛

So lets talk about resolutions, of the New Year’s variety!  Its such a hot topic of conversation for the month of January, everyone sharing their resolutions and determined, more than ever, to stick with it, this year!  Why is it so darn hard to stick to our resolutions?  Well, to be honest, I really don’t think we try very hard to stick to them!  I mean, don’t get me wrong, most people are truly well intentioned when it comes to their resolutions, but at the first little bump in the road, we generally give up.  As much fun as we have sharing our resolutions with people, we also love to hear all the stories about how we failed to.  But its ok, because if we don’t make it this year, we can always start all over again in January, right?  It is inspiring though, to hear about someone who set themselves a goal and achieved it!  This year, its going to be me!!!

My resolution for 2011 is to lose weight.  Ok, Ok, I know what your thinking… big surprise…what a lame resolution… isn’t everyone’s resolution to lose weight, or get healthy, or get active ect…  Your right, but hear me out!  My ‘true’ resolution is to be happier, healthier and get pregnant.  In order to do that, though, I need to lose weight, so I’m going to be boring and lame, and resolve to lose as much weight as I can, safely!  I’m taking the whole year off from trying to get pregnant.  I’m taking the whole year off from worrying about my PCOS.  And I’m taking the whole year off from focusing on the end result without paying attention to how I’m getting there!  Obviously, I can’t just ignore the fact that I have PCOS, but this year, I’m not going to let it define how I live.  Basically, I’m simplifying, decluttering my goals, and just taking it one step at a time.  It should be an interesting journey!

Take care for now, everyone!

I’m Happy, I’m Healthy, I’m Fertile, ttfn xo


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