Weigh-In Wednesday

Is it Wednesday already?  Or better question, is it only Wednesday???  Today is going to be an extra long day for me, but well worth it.  I’m picking my parents up, from the airport, tonight, YAY 🙂  We flew home, to Ottawa, to surprise my parents for Christmas (which was such a GREAT SUCCESS, my Mum couldn’t believe it at all!!!) and we stayed until January 6th so its been less than a week since we last saw them, but I just can’t wait.  My daughter has been counting down the days till Grandma and Grandpa get here. 

Since my brother and his family were unable to fly home for Christmas we are going to have another Christmas this weekend.  Because we flew home Christmas Eve my daughter didn’t get a visit from Santa at our house either (don’t feel bad for her, my husband’s mother, who knew we were flying home, made sure to supply her with an entire toy store worth of presents!), although he did leave her a letter saying that he would be coming back to visit her one night when my parents are here, so she has eagerly been anticipating his arrival as well!!!  Its going to be so much fun, depsite my husband being grumpy about all the decorations still being up, lol.  Personally, I’m most excited about Christmas dinner.  I didn’t eat too much for Christmas dinner on Christmas day since there really wasn’t much I could have.  When you think about a typical Canadian Christmas dinner, you think of turkey, stuffing, potatoes, ham, veggies, salads, baked beans, tourtiere, gravy and of course copias amounts of cookies, fudge and desserts.  Apart from the turkey, ham and veggies, there isn’t much left for me to eat, but since I’m making it myself this time around, I have plenty of scrumptious, PCOS-friendly, options on the menu.  Friday I will posting my meal ideas and some recipes!!!

Ok, and now for the grand finale, my weigh-in…. drum roll please dadadadadadadadadadadadada: 275lbs

So, I’m down from the last time I posted my weight, and exactly the same as I was before I left for my Christmas surprise, so thats good!!!  Yay 🙂  As for goals for this week? (I scraped the weight watchers goal, by the way, because there isn’t one in my area and I really don’t think the online version is what my doctor had in mind for me)  Again, I have two goals this week:  To lose 1lbs even though my parents are here!  and to continue being consistent with my blog posts!

Take care everyone 🙂 

I’m Happy, I’m Healthy, I’m Fertile, ttfn xo


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