Exposing my crafty side!

I have always been a crafty person, making my own cards for Christmas or birthdays, Christmas ornaments, gifts and things like that.  Over time, however, I tend to be collecting more craft ideas than actually making crafts.  The folder (I craftily jazzed up, by the way) that I used to store ideas I found in magazines has overflown and become a large shoebox (that I also turned into a work of art!) that is brimming at the seams.  I also have folders inside folders of links that I have bookmarked and emails saved going back years.  One day I will make each and everyone of these crafts… one day…probably…maybe?.. HOPEFULLY!!!  Ah, who am I kidding, but it would be nice.

Since my daughter came along, lengthy projects have been replaced by finger painting and recycled masterpieces!  Not a toilet paper roll or piece of string is safe in my house.  She has a sixth sense for the potential in everything (and a bedroom gallery to prove it!).  I think its great that she is so creative.  Lately, she is really into making her own books.  She will draw, paint, use stickers and cut pictures out of magazines to illustrate whatever story she has made up, then binds it all together with string or ribbon, and even twist ties for one of them!  At the dollar store we found some little photoalbums that she turned into books by inserting her drawings on one side and the words on the other, and at Micheals we found blank chipboard cutouts with a little spiral clip and those worked great as presents for her grandparents at Christmas. And the best part is that they come in a variety of shapes and are only $1.50 🙂
With my parents heading back to Ottawa tomorrow, and our holiday season coming to an end (my husband is so happy that we are finally taking down the Christmas tree!!!) I thought it would be nice to do a fun, simple, wintery craft this weekend. My nephew will be spending the day with us Sunday so that will be a perfect time to make these super cute little bird feeders I found at Craft Magazine

Original post and picture from Cindy at

This looks like such a fun and easy project that both my 5 year daughter and 4 year old nephew will have no problem doing.  The heart shape is in honour of Valentine’s day but I think I’ll just pull out all of my cookie cutters and let them choose whatever shapes they want to use.

Sunday I also plan on uploading the hundreds of holiday photos I have so stay tuned for a picture-filled post of all the things I talked about this past week!

Take care everyone!

I’m Happy, I’m Healthy, I’m Fertile, ttfn, xo


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