A good day!

Yesterday was a good day!  Shawn and I had our appointment with the fertility clinic!  Its quite the process, but we’re glad we’ve got our foot in the door 🙂  The doctor confirmed what my gp had already diagnosed, that I do have PCOS and she is very positive that she will be able to help us, WOOHOO!!!  First things first, we sat for over an hour while she basically went over our entire lives with us, to get as many pertinant details as possible.  Next we discussed what exactly we want, a baby (or several :D), of course, but more than that, she was looking for our expectations and hopes!  Lastly, she armed us with requisitions for a bizillion different tests and all the information we need to proceed.

Now the ball is back in our court.  I spent the rest of the day yesterday making a thousand phone calls to set up appointments for all these tests.  I also spent a long time thinking about the main topic of our conversation with the doctor, my weight.  Thankfully she understands how hard it is to lose weight when you are insulin resistant, and she also believes me when I tell her how hard I’m trying (its incredible, how much of an impact that can have… to be believed!!!).   I have my eye on the prize and I’m more determined than ever to work my butt off.  This is going to be a good year for me, I can just feel it!  And yesterday was the first of many more good days!!!

Take care everyone 🙂

I’m Happy, I’m Healthy, I’m Fertile, ttfn, xo


4 thoughts on “A good day!

    1. Yes! We have been for awhile but didn’t really say anything. When I’ve mentioned it to poeple before, in the past, and it has caused some conversations to come up that I’m not really interested in having anymore. I’ve had too many people say to me that I’m just fat and if I’d stop eating so much, I could lose weight and get pregnant, and others who say I am just jumping on the ‘infertility bandwagon’, but the worst is the people who ask me why I would go through so much to have another child, shouldn’t I just be satisfied with what I have… as if its somehow being greedy or unappreciative to want to have more children. It hasn’t exactly been a good reaction from everyone and I have a hard time letting the bad stuff roll off my shoulders so we didn’t say anything this time around. BUT in the interest of full disclosure in order to further my own personal health and the PCOS cause, I’m sharing it with everyone again, and will do my best to ignore the negative comments and opinions!!!

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