Lack of motivation

I’m trying so hard to be energetic and motivated, but I’m into week 3 of nursing a broken rib and torn ligaments, and I just feel DRAINED.  To make matters worse, I now have a horrible cough and sore throat, and KB has a bad flu, which will most likely lead to strepthroat and an ear infection 😦 Boo.  How did I break my rib and tear the ligaments in my floating ribs you ask???  Well, sadly, I did it in a foam pit at KB’s birthday party at the gymnastics gym.  YEP, thats right, IN A FOAM PIT 😛   [As an aside, need a reminder of why its important to lose weight and get healthy?  Jump into a pit filled with large foam squares… the heavier you are, the more you sink, and the suction caused from the foam pulls you down further.  Kids who are light sit on top of the foam and can get out no problem, me on the other hand… lets just say I stayed in the pit for awhile :P] After being jumped on by a couple kids who were too scared to jump in without being caught, I could tell there was some wrong with my rib, and then I tried to pull myself out and I KNEW there was something wrong.  X-rays confirmed the break, as well as the 3rd degree sprain of my floating ribs.  I was told to take a couple weeks off and just do nothing!

I have to admit, although I was in immense pain and on pain killers, I was looking forward to time off!  I don’t get alot of time to myself since I work out of the house all day, and then come home just in time to bring my hubby to work for the night.  I spend my nights cooking, cleaning, helping KB do her homework and chauffering her all over the place for dance, swimming, soccer, and playdates.  And now that we have my brother and his little guy living with us a couple days a week, it feels like I am never alone.  Oh, did I mention, I’ve also added two new jobs to my list of things to do, I am now teaching cake decorating as a Wilton’s Method instructor at our local Micheals and The Hubby and I have taken over management of the buildings where we live.

I had so many plans for my week off, but I spent most of the time sitting on the couch in front of the tv.  Obviously, I couldn’t do anything physical, so the couch was the most comfy spot for me, but I truly thought I would get alot of work done from there.  I planned to catch up on blog posts, and pre-write a whole bunch for extra busy weeks when I am running short on time.  I wanted to write out meal plans and grocery lists, so that I would always have them on hand.  I wanted to make some more barrettes for KB and some of her friends for Easter and I even wanted to get some on Etsy.  In between doing all that I had some crafts and scrapbooking I wanted to do.  AND if I still had some time left, I was hoping to sort through the pictures on my computer which have been piling up.  The Hubby says this was way too ambitious, and there-in lyes the problem, I always have way too many things to do.  I am never at a loss for ideas, never bored.  The truth is, it wasn’t my rib that caused the lack of motivation, it was my overactive brain.  The list I created for myself was too overwhelming, so instead of tackling it, I just did NOTHING.  I can use my rib as my excuse but really it was my brain that was the issue.  I feel really bad for having not accomplished anything that week.  No matter how much my parents, friends and The Hubby try to convince me that the whole point of me being off work was to do nothing, it still feels like an epic fail on my part.

This is the story of my life.  There is so much going on in my brain that it exhausts me sometimes.  I don’t know how to turn it off, so it just keeps going and going.  When I talk about all the things I am thinking about they sound wonderful, but I have a hard time putting them into action.  I think I am going to have to start a to do list for the summer.  I love making lists so it will be easy for me come up.  This will be a list of things just for me… no house chores, kid-related things or stuff I have to do for other people.  This will be Taking Time for ME Summer To-Do List.  And the first thing on the list is to blog weekly about the list!!!  Hopefully, by writing it all down in the blog, it will keep my accountability, and hopefully you will call me out if I fall behind!

Well, thats it for now, take care everyone!

I’m Happy, I’m Healthy, I’m Fertile! ttfn, xo


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