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Fun Friday!

My facebook newsfeed is filling up with fun little Easter craft ideas and I’m so excited to start making them!!!  Although KB LOVES doing crafts, at 6, I find her attention span is still a little too short for major projects, so here are a few, quick and easy crafts that we plan on making this month.

This first craft is super duper easy and cute!  Its Easter Bunny food!!!  I don’t have a picture but when we make it I will post one.  Basically, you take shredded coconut (which you can colour to make it pretty or just leave white) and oats and mix it with fun, brightly coloured and fun shaped sugar sprinkles.  Once you mix it all up, you can sprinkle it around your yard to help attract the Easter Bunny to your house.  You may want to leave a few carrots to, just to make sure that the Easter Bunny leaves the GOOD stuff at your house!!!

Dyed Easter Eggs.  A classic, and so much fun to do.  If we are dyeing eggs close to Easter we use hardboiled ones, but if the excitement is too much for us and we end up dyeing them alot earlier then I will usually blow them out and let them dry so that they last alot longer.  Its simple to do, although it can get messy.  With a needle poke a hole in the top and bottom of the egg, make the hole in the bottom a little bigger than the one at the top, then gently blow through the hole at the top of the egg, pushing everything out the bottom hole.  It takes a little practice, but once you get the hang of it, its pretty easy.  Then let the egg shells sit and drain/dry for a day or so and you can use the egg whites and yolks for breakfast or baking.  They are a little more delicate than a hardboiled egg, but not as delicate as you might think, and they will last a lot longer for sure!  If any of the shells break when you are dyeing them, or when you are done with the ones you’ve made, don’t throw them out, crush the dyed shells up and you can use them to make a new craft!!!  KB has used them, almost like glitter, to add some fun to her art projects.

You can find dye kits all over the place, from the dollar store to specialty kids stores and craft stores.  You can even find organic, natural egg dyeing kits, which is especially nice if you hardboil the eggs and plan on eating them!  If you want, you can also make natural dyes at home using things like berries, juices, red cabbage, beets, turmeric and coffee.  Just remember that natural dyes are less concentrated and won’t produce the same vivid, bright colours, so you may want to leave them to soak alot longer.  I even found a site that gives you ‘recipes’ for making certain colours.  If you have everything on hand it seems fairly basic, but I think it would be really fun to just go through your fridge and cupboards and come up with your own as well!  Here is a site I found to help with you with some experimenting inspiration :

Another way to colour those eggs is by using paint!  Now you could just use a brush and let the kids go to town, but I love this idea from (                  

 Marbled Easter Eggs

In a playgroup I used to take KB to, we made this same type of craft all the time.  Simply get a disposable roasting pan (or if you’re like me and keep things like old tin pie plates and plastic containers then you could use those as well!), put a few dollops of different coloured paints all over the bottom of the pan, and then put in the hardboiled egg.  Then the kids can roll the egg around through the paint.  The bigger the container you use, the more the egg can roll, and the higher the sides, the better, to keep the egg from rolling right out 😛  In our playgroup we would stick a piece of paper to the bottom of the roasting pan, put the dollops of paint on it and then roll a marble around the pan, creating designs on the paper.  Once, we tried it with different types of toy cars, which made cool tracks all over the paper!!!  You can see how limitless this idea is, anything that can roll around can be put into the pan to make all kinds of fun designs.

I need to make a new wreath this year since my old one was damaged in our move, and I saw this idea from :

Who doesn’t have a whack load of these plastic eggs all over the house?  I’ve got them in all different colours and sizes and this is a perfect way to use them.  You could make this as simple or complex as you’d like, by adding things to it.  I’m excited to see what KB does with hers!!!

Along the same lines of re-using those plastic eggs, I think we are going to make this craft as well:

I found this at  and I think its a really sweet way to celebrate Spring!  I think KB will have alot of fun making her own little nest of baby birds, and who knows it may even inspire her to create other little Spring creatures with the platic eggs 🙂

Well, thats it for me today!  I’ll post pictures as we make the crafts.  It’s going to be a really fun month 🙂

Take care everyone 🙂

I’m Happy, I’m Healthy, I’m Fertile, ttfn, xo


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