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Easter crafting!

I know its a little late, but here are some of the creative things we got up to for Easter!

Here are the plastic egg wreaths that KB and I made!  I think we will add to them next year.

Of course, you have to dye eggs!  I love the rich, deep colours you can get 🙂

They turned out so pretty, and its so much fun to draw on them with a clear crayon!  KB loves seeing her drawings show up, almost like magic through the dye!



The new technique we tried this year was dying eggs with tissue paper!  It worked so well, and was alot of fun.  KB had a blast creating patterns with the colours.  We just used scraps of tissue paper we had lying around.  The blue and the green worked the best, and we were really surprised to discover that the red works the least.

Here they are all covered and waiting to dry!

The tissue paper will start to peel when they are ready!!!

How cool are those?  The patterns turned out so nice, and the wrinkles and crinkles of the tissue paper left great texture!  This is definitely an easy and fun project to do, even with really little ones, as long as you can wait for the tissue paper to dry!!!  We were impatient and peeled the tissue off a couple too soon and they didn’t come out as bright.

Another fun thing we did for Easter was Peep s’mores!!!  Mmm mmm mmm, not only was this a yummy treat for the kids, but they also had a blast watching the Peeps expand and change shapes as they melted. 

Next week I’ll post what I did with all those hardboiled eggs that we dyed! Take care everyone 🙂
I’m Happy, I’m Healthy, I’m Fertile, ttfn, xo


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