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I’m biting the bullet

Looks like winter has finally popped in for a visit here.  This weekend we got quite the dumping of snow, and this morning on my way to work my car thermometer read -32 °C…brrrrr so cold.  But we shouldn’t complain, its been a gorgeous winter for us so far, very mild and sunny.  It was bound to come sooner or later!

As promised, let me start off with a quick summary of our experience with private adoption agencies!  We’ve found 2 here (Adoption Options and Adoption by Choice) in Alberta and have contacted both of them.  I should mention there is a Christian agency here as well, but they do ask that you are a practicing Christian, willing to raise your adopted children that way, and since we aren’t, we didn’t contact them.  Both of the agencies we did contact practice open adoptions.  Basically, you apply, they screen you and once approved, they set you up on interviews with birth mothers/parents.  Before applying, generally, you go in for an interview with the agency.  You can ask questions, and get a really good idea of whether the process is right for you.  Along with the application and screening process schedule, they also both sent me a payment schedule.  With an agency you pay for everything, from the application, a mandatory seminar and even travel time and mileage for home visits (both to your home and if your case worker has to go to your birth mother’s home).  When all is said and done both agencies will cost you more than $10,000.  For some people this is a small price to pay for a chance at having a baby of their own, for others this is a lot.  The Hubby and I have not discounted the agencies, but we think that we would like to start with a government adoption, the way The Hubby was adopted and give some of those children a chance at a happy, healthy home.  In the end, for us, it’s a little about the money, but mostly about providing a home for the children we feel need it the most.  Next week, I’ll let you know a little bit about the international options we have available to us!

I thought, to liven things up a little bit and make my blog a little more candid I would also start something new on Mondays.  One of my goals for the new year is to be more confident and comfortable just being me!  I’ve decided that one way to achieve this is to open up more on my blog.  So far I’ve shied away from expressing too many opinions, preferring instead to fill my blog with information.  Partly, I’ve done that on purpose, since I really want this to be a place where I can share all of the PCOS and health info I find, but it is also something for me to hide behind so that I don’t have to talk about my own thoughts and feelings.  My head is brimming with blog-worthy rants, I just have a hard time writing them down.  Today I am changing that!  I thought I’d start by sharing something about myself every Monday and maybe that will encourage me to start sharing more.  So here it goes:

Revelation#1:  I’m a huge GEEK!  Yep, it’s true, though most people who know me don’t really know this about me 😛  I LOVE everything weird, quirky, alien-y and supernatural!!!  All you have to do to catch a glimpse of my inner geek is check out my weekly pvr list.  I record everything from Dr. Who, Lost Girl and Sanctuary to some of my guilty pleasure shows like Vampire Diaries (The Hubby gives me a lot of flack for that one) and my all time fav Supernatural (in another life I would be having Dean’s babies!!!).  I love geeky documentary style shows to, like Ancient Aliens and Through the Worm Hole and of course I’m glued to my favorite paranormal channel on Youtube to get my daily dose of Ghost Adventures, Destination Truth and whatever else he can find all over the world to throw at me!!!  In my next life I plan on coming back as a time-traveling, ghost hunting, cryptozoologist space-woman!  Ahhhh…wouldn’t that be the life 😀  I wonder how the Tardis would look in Pink?

Oh, I’m biting the bullet in another way to!  I’m officially joining a gym.  I’ve been doing really good with my goal of increasing the amount of exercise I get everyday and I’m at the point where I can’t avoid it any longer.  It really has been proven that, while for most people exercise is a small part of losing weight, people with diabetes, or insulin resistance do much better losing weight with more exercise.  And it will make maintaining the weight loss all the easier as well.  I’ll let you know how it goes 🙂  But mostly I am joining the gym :

I've gotta become the FAST FOOD! Good incentive or what?!

(I just had to get more zombies in there somehow!!!)  Until Wednesday, take care everyone 🙂

I’m Happy, I’m Healthy, I’m Fertile, ttfn, xo


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