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Baby Steps to Big Changes!

I just couldn’t help myself from weighing in on the Paula Deen news.  In case you haven’t heard (but I’m pretty sure you must have!) Paula Deen has now admitted to having been diagnosed with diabetes a couple years ago.  People are furious that she kept it secret and continued to make her famous, butter-clogged, Southern-style home cooking.  I get the impression, from reading people’s comments that they almost seem hurt by her secret.  I don’t think she meant to dupe us or hide anything from us.  We should all just cut her a little slack.  It takes time to change.  I’m sure when she has her own health under control and has had time to process things, she will adapt her show to reflect her new need for a more health conscious menu.  On her facebook page Paula has been promoting her sons alot lately.  They are ‘cleaning-up’ her recipes to make them a little healthier.  I think this is a great baby step towards a healthier lifestyle.  This got me to thinking about other baby steps we can take to make some big changes.  Here are a few you can start with!

Baby Step #1:Change to whole wheat!  Simple enough, right?  Start buying whole grain breads and bagels.  Switch to whole wheat pastas and brown rice.  And trade your white flour for whole wheat flour!  See, like I said, simple!  This is a baby step that asks you NOT to give up those carbs but instead to pick ‘smarter’ ones!!!

Baby Step#2: Evaluate your recipes and habits!  Take Paula’s recipes for example, how much of the butter she so famously uses is actually required to make the recipe work and how much is just for taste?  This baby step asks you to take a closer look at how your cooking and what your recipes ask for.  Can you make smarter choices with the ingredients you pick, can you omit anything?  Even doing something small like cutting down the amount of oil you add to your pan, can make a difference!

Baby Step#3: Read labels! For some people this may not seem like a baby step but its not as hard as you think!  Compare your usual brands to others, look at what a serving size is, how many calories it has and take the time to read the ingredients!  If you can’t pronounce the words in the ingredients list then it may be time to find another brand!!!

Baby Step#4: Stop drinking juice.  It’s just not good for you, at all.  Not only is this a really simple step to take, but it also saves you a ton of money.  We all know the importance of drinking enough water.  Without juice in the house you’ll have no excuses not to get your 8 glasses a day!  To liven up your water a little bit try adding a couple slices of lemon or lime, or a few berries!  Cucumber slices are another refreshing veggie to add to your water.  Tea is also a great way to get your water.  I love trying all the different kinds of herbal teas you can get (my current fav is Lipton’s Melon Citrus Mint Infusion).  If you absolutely HAVE to have juice then make your own, that way you know that there is absolutely no other ingredients added… just pure (organic) fruit/veggies and watch your portion control.

Baby Step#5: Use a baby plate.  No, seriously… Over time the size of our dinner plates has significantly increased causing us to serve bigger portions.  Putting the right amount of food onto a ‘normal’ size dinner plate makes our plates look empty and thus, makes us feel like we’re depriving ourselves.  By using a smaller plate, it makes our proper portion sizes look bigger and more satisfying.  It’s a trick of the mind but it really works!

For more small steps that can make big changes check out Naturally Knocked Up‘s guest post at Simple Organic, 10 Simple Ways to Clean Up Your Diet.  Hope these steps help!  Take care everyone 🙂

I’m Happy, I’m Healthy, I’m Fertile, ttfn, xo


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