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Family Friday: Valentine’s Day <3

TGIF!!!  Its been a long week  but I made it to Friday, so here’s hoping for a quiet, relaxing, lazy weekend (who am I kidding :P).

Here is my gym report for the week:  I had my first personal training session this week.  All was well, until he realized he was adjusting the weights way too light for me.  I made the mistake of saying that I am stronger than I look.  OOPS… big mistake.  For the rest of the session he made me prove it to him and my body has hated me ever since.  On another note, I really think gym showers should have benches in them… or better yet, instead of showers, how about bathtubs for sitting in, because sitting is nice, very very nice.  I’m not sure what to expect from my next session, but I will remember, this time, to keep my big mouth shut  😛

Since we are getting close to Valentine’s Day I thought I’d share with you some of the things that I am doing with KB.  On February 1st I gave KB an “Acts of Love” Bouquet that I made.  Basically it’s a way to show some love for 14 days in 14 ways (yep, I made that up).  It was so simple to make that I actually did it at work, and apart from the the vase, everything I needed to make it came from the dollar store or was stuff I already had.  There are many examples of these Acts of Love jars/vases online.  Here is my interpretation of it.

I attached the pre-cut hearts to the straws.  I dyed some rice (using food colouring) pink to sit the straws in, in the vase.    On the back of each heart I put an act of love for KB to perform.  Every year you can change the acts of love as your child grows.  This year I wrote things like “Give someone a hug”, “Tell Grandma and Grandpa something that you love about them”, and “Tell or show your bus driver that you appreciate her”.  Everyday, until the 14th, she chooses a new heart to turn over and then performes the task, hence the “14 ways in 14 days”.  Every morning she is really excited to pick a new heart and perform her act of love.   It’s been a great way for her to show her affection, appreciation and love for the people in her life, and removes some of the materialism of Valentine’s Day.

Acts of Love Bouquet
All the materials I usedActs of Love Bouquet








Here are a couple more things we’ll be doing this weekend for Valentine’s Day. Heart shaped, homemade pizzas and heart-shaped fruit kabobs with chocolate sauce for dipping. We’re make some “I Love You” foam sign language hands. I’ve got some special requests for Valentine’s hair barettes. And lastly, but most importantly, we’ll be making our Valentine’s for KB’s class and her Sparks group (our meeting is on Valentine’s Day this year!). For her Valentine’s she has picked something off of Pinterest (I may or may not be (unintentionally of course ;P ) encouraging an addiction in her…like mother like daughter I guess). Basically, we are taking a picture of her, with her hand out, in a fist. Once printed we’ll cut a hole right above and right below her hand and feed a lollypop through the holes to make it look like she is holding it out, offering it to her friends!!! Cute and EASY which is good because I (I mean WE) have to make 38 of them. I was a little worried at some of the ones she was leaning towards. They were all super cute, but I’m all for easy when there are so many to make. I will post pictures on Monday.

Have a great weekend, take care everyone 🙂

I’m Happy, I’m Healthy, I’m Fertile, ttfn, xo


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