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Family Friday: Fun Facts about my Kid!

Happy Friday!!!  I was inspired by The Feminist Breeder, to start things off with a list of 5 fun facts about KB TODAY!  Like TFB, I realized that I don’t spend enough time documenting all the wonderful things I want to remember about KB.  Time just seems to slip away.  Heck, her baby book isn’t even finished and shes almost 7 (Mommy fail?).  So here is my current list of 5 fun, amazing, wonderful things she is doing right now.

  1. Last year she was all about the skinny jeans, last summer was all about dresses and skirts, this year, however, is all about the COMFY PANTS.     It doesn’t matter if they are yoga, sweat, fleece or corduroy pants, as long as there are no buckles, buttons, zippers or belts (drawstrings are encouraged!).  My almost 7 year old seems to be channeling her inner 35 year old SAHM (I mean that nicely, but lets face it, wear would Lululemon be without us Moms, right?!)
  2. Pink is NOT her favorite colour despite the fact that she picks all pink clothes.  “I just look good in pink, Mommy”
  3. She is NOT a morning person…enough said!
  4. She is a total meatatarian.  Pig, cow, lamb, if  you sing about it in “Old MacDonald Had a Farm” and it’s back faces the sky, she’ll eat it right now, but hold the mushrooms!
  5. She loves to write!  She literally writes books and books of every random word she knows how to spell or sees while we’re out.  She keeps a notebook and markers in her backpack and spends her bus rides to and from school doodling and writing, and getting her ‘older, cool jr. High’ friends to write things for her.   Last night she even wrote her first “DO NOT ENTER” sign for her door.
"No Mom or Dad Allowed in my room"-- she is so like me though...despite being furious with us last night (hence the warning!) her conscience got the best of her and she had to end her note with hugs and kisses...also, she is definitely going to have my messy printing 😛

I am really going to try to do this at least once a month (but probably once every couple of months or so, knowing me).  Feel free to share your lists as well 🙂

And now, to end this post and begin the weekend, here is a picture party!!!  Enjoy 🙂

Cards we made with our Sparks... "I Love you...THIS MUCH"! too cute!!!
KB's Valentine's for her class
I Love You!
Heart shaped pizza with heart shaped pepperoni 🙂
Family Day at the new Telus Spark centre. We had so much fun 😀

Have a great weekend, take care everyone 🙂

I’m Happy, I’m Healthy, I’m Fertile, ttfn, xo


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