Howdy Strangers!

Now that was a long (forced) break.  But once again, I am back!  Unfortunately, I am at the mercy of the wireless internet at my work, since I am not actually an employee of the company and therefore cannot be plugged into their network.  Every once in a while their wireless just drops and until they are able to fix it, I’m stuck.  Since I am not an employee I’m not a huge priority so it can take them awhile to get things sorted out.  I really hope this time it’s fixed for a long long while.  Since I am able to write my blog posts and spend time online while at work I have made a point of not being online at home.  After work is for family and friends, and ME time (and by ME time I really just mean, working my other jobs :P).  I was just about to break my rule this time though, since it’s been about 2 months since I’d posted anything and I was going a little stir crazy.

So lets do a little recap and update over the last two months!  March was an amazingly busy month, as usual, with KB’s birthday, my Mum’s birthday, lots of cake orders, and classes booked 3 times a week.  I was a good girl though and stuck to my Meatless Mondays, as well as going to the gym.  As a result I continue to lose weight, which feels great!  It’s not coming off as fast as I’d hoped but slow and steady is much better than non at all, in my opinion.  April brought Easter with it and yet another busy month.  This time though, I let my old habits sneak in.  I stopped going to the gym, for THE WHOLE MONTH :s.  At first it started with me being sick, bronchitis and allergies, which left me tired, stuffed up, cloudy-headed and completely unmotivated.  All month long I just felt like crap.  Finally, however, May came along with lots and lots of RAIN (and snow) and cleared up my allergies, YAY!!!  I feel so much better now so it’s back on track, and back to the gym!  The countdown to our summer vacation is on (3 months to go) and I want to get my butt in gear.

On the adoption front, we are getting ready to do the 2 required seminars this month.  Coming up first is the Aboriginal Training, followed by the Adoption training at the end of the month.  I’m excited to take yet another step on this journey.  I’ll let you know how the trainings go!

I think that’s just about it for now, but I promise I’ll make up for my long absence!!!

Take care everyone 🙂

I’m Happy, I’m Healthy, I’m Fertile, ttfn, xoxox


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