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Go Ahead, give yourself a pat on the back!

Happy Wednesday! (* yes, I know it’s Friday… just roll with it, ok? 😛)

I thought I’d talk a little bit today about journalling.  I don’t know about you, but I find, lately, everyone is telling me to “write it in a journal”.  Going on a diet?  Keep a food journal.  Starting a new exercise routine? Document what you do in a journal.  Having a baby, getting married, starting a new career or school, moving to a new country???  Write it down.  You get the idea.  Personally, I think it’s a great idea, and here’s why:

  • I think writing is very therapeutic.  There is something about the fluid motion of the pen on paper, the freedom of your hand as it creates each letter and the little inconsistencies, mistakes and personal flair that I find very soothing.  Sometimes it literally feels like all the anxiety, stress, and energy of the day or situation comes right out of my hand, through the pen and onto the paper, leaving my body.
  • There are no rules.  You can write whatever you want.  You don’t need to worry about spelling, grammar, vocabulary, or eloquence.  Only you will know how honest and sincere your being, and only you will benefit from being the most honest and sincere you can be!
  • Writing things down helps me remember!  If your like me, busy, busy, busy, then writing things down is a way to help you keep on track and remember your day.  Keeping a little notebook with me everywhere I go means I can make notes as I do things so I’ll know exactly how many glasses of water I’ve drank, or how many reps I did, and exactly what that old friend I bumped into said to me to make me smile!
  • It’s a way to reflect!  After I’ve taken the time to write something down, I often can’t help myself from thinking about it.  Even something as simple as writing down the snack I just ate causes me to think about the choice I made.  Did I eat the right thing?   Was it too much, too little, just right?  How can I make it better for the next time (which leads to my next point)
  • It helps me plan for the future!  By taking the time to look at what I’m doing now and thinking about it, I can start to plan for the things I need to change in the future.  Going back to the snack example, if I’ve decided that the snack wasn’t right, then I know I need to make some changes for the next day’s snack.  Maybe you don’t need to write things down to make these changes, but I have found it’s a lot easier for me to make conscientious choices when I’m starring right at the feedback from my decisions, in my own words! (I call this self-guilt…can’t ignore my brain and buy a bag of chips from the vending machine for an afternoon snack, when I have a notebook filled with  my own words telling me to eat right glaring at me on my desk :P)
  • And finally, the biggest reason I think journalling is a must: Giving yourself a big ‘ol pat on the back!!!  How great does it feel to look back through your personal journey to see all the amazing things you’ve accomplished over time!  When I hit a roadblock and am struggling to get over it, I head for my journals.  I get so motivated reading through them and seeing all my baby steps towards success.  I even love reading about other roadblocks I’ve hit because it reminds me that no matter how bad it seems at the time, if I could get over them before, I can get over them now.  I did have a friend tell me once that she had to stop keeping a weight loss journal because she wasn’t losing any weight, just gaining, and all it did was upset and depress her.  Even then I thought that the journal was a good thing to have because I figured she may be able to find some patterns in the journal to help her determine why she was continuing to gain the weight.  She read through a few times and decided to look more closely at the foods and drinks she was using.   She had replaced drinking Coke all day long with drinking juice all day long.  When she took a look at the juice she was drinking she discovered it actually had MORE sugar in it than the pop.  She quickly stopped drinking it.  She also discovered that she was not getting enough protein and had a hard time controlling her emotional eating.  She made a few changes, and kept up with the journal and is doing amazing!  She is definitely patting herself on the back now 🙂
My SMASH book stuff!


Here is some of my SMASH book journalling stuff (from EKSuccess Brand, K&Company).  I love being creative with my journals!!!

I hope you all enjoy writing your own journals and giving yourself a pat on the back!

As I’d like to do every Wednesday, I’ll end the post today with the 5 things that are making me happy today:

1) great friends to go out to dinner with!!! 2)having a plan! 3)weather that finally feels a little bit like summer! 4) family and friends who are so encouraging and supportive xo 5)internet at work today (again :P)




Take care everyone 🙂

I’m Happy, I’m Healthy, I’m Fertile, I’m Adopting, ttfn, xo


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