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Eat Your Breakfast!

Last night KB had her first of two dance recitals, and Monday night was the dress rehearsal.  It’s been busy and we’re not done yet because she still has her second dance recital tomorrow night.  This has meant long nights, out of the house, and alot of rushing around mixed with alot of hair gel, glitter, makeup and even some yelling (mostly by me at The Hubby, for a multitude of reasons, or no reason at all sometimes, sorry Babe 😦  ).  My brain, which is mostly taken up by song lyrics and useless information, does not always have extra space for organization so at no time while I was figuring out how to stay on top of all the dance issues, get snacks and dinner into my child and keep the house from falling apart, did I ever think about food for myself.  Needless to say, this morning, as I sat in construction traffic, I felt little grumbles in my tummy reminding me that I ran out of the house without breakfast…CRAP.  In all fairness to my brain, The Hubby did make breakfast for himself and KB, and probably did for me to, but this morning was a struggle to get KB up and attem considering her late night last night, and I was more concerned with making sure she ate something and didn’t have mascara and eyeliner smudged all across her face from last night (we did wash her face last night, don’t worry, but there is so much makeup crammed on and it was a fast wash considering the time of night so it was no surprise that she got out of the shower this morning with some black streaked down her face.  Probably not the best thing to show up at school with :P).  So, if he did make me breakfast, I didn’t see it, it was far from my mind, until the grumbles hit.

So whats the big deal?  Well, for me, it is a big deal to miss breakfast since I’ve worked so hard to make it a healthy habit.  I know so many people who say to me “I just don’t feel hungry in the morning” or “if I eat too early it makes me sick”.  It’s not a healthy way to think and it’s time to realize that it’s not your body rejecting breakfast, it’s your brain.  You’ve created a habit of not eating and convinced yourself there is a reason for it, even if you didn’t consciously do it.  The truth is, your body needs breakfast in the morning, preferrably within 30 minutes to an hour after you’ve woken up to kick start your metabolism.  It may take some time, but putting in the effort to start eating breakfast is well worth it, especially for ladies with PCOS.  We need that extra help to get our metabolism running and working on our side, instead of against us.  Remember, you’ve gone all night without giving your body any fuel, and it’s been working all night long, even while your asleep, so it needs the fuel.  Without it, your body goes into ‘starvation’ mode, an evolutionary adaptation that allows us to preserve fat deposits to be used as energy in times of low food supply.  Our bodies haven’t caught up with the times yet, so our metabolism works against us.  Eating later in the day won’t trigger our metabolism to speed up either, the signal was already sent.

Breakfast doesn’t have to be difficult, and it doesn’t have to feel like breakfast (another big complaint I always hear-and have even said myself-is “I don’t like breakfast foods).  As long as its balanced, breakfast is just a meal you eat in the morning, not a specific food, or type of food.  Traditionally breakfast was always filled with proteins and carbs because we were preparing our bodies for an intense day of hard labour.  Now that alot of us, most of us actually, work in an office, or from home, we don’t need big, hearty breakfasts, but we still need to eat in the morning!  So to inspire you to eat breakfast and to help with ideas on quick breakfasts I did what I do best: hopped on Pinterest to search for some interesting, fun and healthy breakfast ideas!!!  I have attached all the links to the pictures and given credit where credit is due!  Non of these pictures or ideas is my own.

If you have any irrisistable breakfast ideas of your own, please share them!  I’d love to hear how you make sure to start everyday with a healthy breakfast 🙂

I’ll leave you now with the 5 things making me happy today:

1) my parents who will sit through an entire 3 hour dance recital, even though their granddaughter was the 5th act (of 43), just because KB wants to watch the whole thing! 2)friends who are so kind and say the nicest things about KB! 3) Being able to kick my shoes off and walk around the office barefoot 🙂 4) Having people who are actually interested in my blog and message me to say they want to hear more! 5) allowing myself the indulgence of a cup of coffee today (a rare treat!).

Take care everyone, and remember to EAT YOUR BREAKFAST 🙂

I’m Happy, I’m Healthy, I’m Fertile, I’m Adopting, ttfn, xo


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