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Manic Monday: Project Meal Plan

Happy Monday everyone!  Today I thought I’d share with you our meal plan and what we have planned for family day and ME time.

Meal Plan:

Monday: Paleo chili (bean free chili)
Tuesday: Pot roast with spaghetti squash and tossed salad
Wednesday: Basa with a mixed greens salad and yams
Thursday: chicken fajitas using lettuce instead of tortillas, with homemade salsa and guacamole
Friday: Free night
Saturday: Salmon with a zuchini salad and rice (this is our ‘cheat’ meal, it’s not completely paleo because of the rice)
Sunday: Chicken Saltimboca with brocoli and cauliflower

Breakfasts are sort of “choose your own adventure” for us.  Some morning we want smoothies with a hard boiled egg, other mornings a quick omelette is what we feel like.  There are even some mornings where we are rushing out the door and just grab an apple and a handful of nuts (because as I’ve said before SOMETHING IS ALWAYS BETTER THAN NOTHING!).  Often KB and The Hubby opt for cereal, though The Hubby now eats gluten-free cereal with almond milk.  I just make sure to have alot of frozen and fresh fruit available available for smoothies and lots of hardboiled eggs ready to grab from the fridge.  We also always have left over veggies and meat in the fridge ready for a quick omelette.  This means we are prepared for breakfast but not completely planned, which works for my non-morning people family!

Snacks are pretty simple for us.  An apple and a handful (about 1/4 cup for those who like to measure) of nuts makes a quick, easy and portable snack.  Again, left over veggies and meat work well here to.  Some left over brocoli and chicken, tossed in a baggie, drizzled with olive oil and lemon juice makes a really great, satisfying snack that can go anywhere with you.  I try to have one snack with veggies and the other with fruit, and always both have a protein.  I’ll write another post dedicated to snacks later on.

Lunch is all about the salad.  I know, I know, salads are boring, but they really are an amazing lunch.  The trick is to get creative with them.  My keys to a good salad are a green base, lots of bright colours, protein, and flavour.  Switch out the iceberg lettuce for something new, maybe even a mix of lettuces, or other green veggies like peppers and brocoli.  Your colour can come from other veggies like peppers, carrots, tomatoes and radishes, but remember fruit to.  Berries, apples, grapes and citrus fruits make great additions to a salad.  Next comes your protein.  Use whatever leftovers you have from the night before to add some meat to your salad or get your protein from hard boiled eggs, or nuts.  Last is flavour!  I add fresh herbs like cilantro and mint to my salads to get a pop of flavour with every bite.  I also add flavour with pickled foods like olives, capers, artichokes, asparagus and of course pickles!  Last, get flavour from your dressing.  Use different types of oil, like olive, flax or oregano, add some acid from vinegar or citrus fruit, a pinch of spice or herbs and your good to go!  Remember you can liven things up with a theme as well, try an asian inspired salad, or a taco salad with fresh pico de gallo and guacamole.  The are endless combinations.  Still think salad is boring?  Then deconstruct it!  Try using the same ingredients but turn them into lettuce wraps.

You’ll notice I usually leave at least one open space for our meals.  That’s to give us some wiggle room, because you just never know.  I think a good routine always leaves space for the unexpected!  We like to go out to dinner sometimes, but it’s not always a planned event, but because I’m working on being more organized I’ve made sure to have some quick ‘go-to’ meals always on hand so if nothing comes up throughout the week and  we don’t want to eat out one night, we have a meal ready to go.  Those meals won’t be on my meal plan but I’ll make sure to do a post about them soon!

Me time Plan:

I have two projects planned for me time this week 🙂  One is to work on a crochet project, because last year I decided I wanted to learn how to crochet and never took the time to, so last Friday, while I was bored at work, I did!  I’ve been making dish clothes like a mad women and am ready to move on to something a little more challenging.  My friend Michelle sent me a pattern to make a purse for KB.  It’s as good a place to start as any!  I’ll post pictures when it’s all done 🙂  My other project for this week for me time is to start going through all my unfinished scrapbooks and FINISH them.  I’m aiming for 3 pages a week.  Me time every week will also consist of one day spent on my SMASH book.  This week ME time is going to be Monday night scrapbooking, once KB is  in bed since The Hubby is working nights, Tuesday night Girl’s wing night with my friends and Wednesday afternoon SMASH time when I get home from work.  I’ll crochet a little everyday and hopefully will get my project done within the week!

Family Day is Sunday this week!  We will be going skating and tobaggoning 🙂

What’s on your plate for the week?

Enjoy the Moments, TTFN

I’m Happy, I’m Healthy, I’m Fertile and We’re Adopting!!! xo


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