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Manic Monday…on a Tuesday!

Shocking, I know, but we have been sick in our house.  I’m finally feeling better after 3 weeks with the flu and KB is home from school for a second day because she isn’t feeling very well.  I had a feeling yesterday that she would be home again and it’s my turn to take the day off work so I postponed yesterday’s post to today so she can help me out!  We’ve been doing so well with our Paleo adventure and I thought it might be good to have KB’s perspective on how she feels about it.  I know I haven’t described what Paleo is exactly, yet, I will, though, on Wednesday, I promise.

So here is our meal plan for the week and a few words from KB!

Monday: Whole roast chicken in the slow-cooker, with onions and carrots, and mixed greens salad
Tuesday: Gluten-free turkey sausages, with onions and sauerkraut, baked sweet potatoes and mixed green salad
Wednesday: Paleo fish and chips (using coconut flakes as breading and sweet potatoes fries) with homemade paleo tartar sauce (from The Paleo Diet Cookbook by Loren Cordain)
Thursday: Steak, quinoa with grilled veggies and mixed greens salad
Friday: cheat night! Homemade falafels with grilled peppers and pickled red onion, couscous and hummous
Saturday:Free night
Sunday: Pork tenderloin, Greek salad, spaghetti squash

Here is what KB says about this diet so far:  She really likes that we don’t force her to drink her milk at dinner anymore (Paleo is basically a diary-free diet, although raw milk is acceptable in some interpretations of the diet!).  She loves that we can eat desserts more often because there are alot of paleo-approved desserts (and she picked a dessert recipe to share with you today).  She is very happy that we don’t send sandwhiches in her lunch anymore because she never ate them and didn’t like them.  And she loves experimenting with putting different fruit into her water, and playing with different smoothie flavour combinations.  What she doesn’t like about the diet is that she isn’t allowed to have fast food (Grandpa used to treat her to a McDonald’s lunch on pd days, or a doughnut after Brownies).  She doesn’t like that other people don’t eat this way, because the kids in her class don’t always understand why she doesn’t have things like fruit roll-ups in her lunch.  She doesn’t like that when she goes to birthday parties they serve pop and she isn’t allowed to have it.  And she doesn’t like that she can’t have hot lunches at school anymore because non of them are paleo-friendly, not even slightly.

We’re lucky to have an easy-going child and a non-picky eater, which makes things alot easier on us.  We also have a child who has seen the effects of poor eating and is eager to be healthier than her mother!  She rolls with us without hesitation and is willing to try anything.  The biggest struggle for her, and us as parents, is, in fact, other people.  At almost 8 years old the concept of fairness is extremely important and if other kids are allowed pop and junk food (and school hot lunches) than why can’t she.  I mean, she sort of understands why, but doesn’t really get WHY she shouldn’t eat junk food or drink pop if others can, and that just isn’t fair.  Because we know that she has to live in the real world, and so do we, we are much more leniant with her diet than we are with ourselves.  Paleo very much encourages an 80-20 lifestyle, just like the PCOS Diet I described last year.  KB’s lifestyle is probably more around 70-30 and we’re very happy with that.  It gives us alot of wiggle room with her, especially for birthday parties, playdates and school events.  It also gives her room to make decisions for herself so she doesn’t feel like this is completely forced on her.  When we go out to dinner, for example, we point out the healthy, paleo-ish, choices, but ultimately leave the decision up to her.  We usually discuss what she has eaten throughout the week and then allow her to decide what she wants.  We are always very impressed with her decisions!

I’ve started calling this KB’s pie because it is so simple that she can make it without any help from us.  But it’s the Hubby who really loves it and asks for it all the time!  It’s been a big hit with the family so far.  It only requires a few basic ingredients:

3 cups of shredded coconut
1/4 plus 1 tbsp of butter or ghee
1/4 of raw sugar (or coconut sugar, or whatever your favorite sweetner is)
1 can of coconut milk
2 cups of chocolate (whatever is your favorite!)
Combine the coconut, butter/ghee and sugar together (I do it by hand!) then smush it into a pie plate so that it forms to the plate and makes a crust.  Cover the top edges of the crust with tinfoil (so they don’t burn) and pop it into the over, at 350 degrees for about 10-15 minutes, until you see the centre start to brown, then take the tinfoil off the edges and let them brown for a couple minutes longer. Pull the crust out and let it cool! Meanwhile, put a can of coconut milk into a pot and bring it to a slight boil, then pour it over your chocolate and stir until the chocolate melts and is creamy and smooth. Pour the chocolate into the pie crust and put it in the frdge for anywhere from an hour to a day to let the chocolate set. Depending on the size of pie plate you use this many be too much. You want the crust to be thick but not so thick that it is hard to eat, so if you have left overs you can make little tarts in a muffin tin! You can experiment with this recipe by trying different types of chocolate, milk, semi, bittersweet ect… and by adding things to the pie filling, nuts, cherries, marshmallows, different flavoured liqueurs. Use coconut milk to make whipped cream and add a dollup on top of each slice. This is definitely an any-night-of-the-week dessert that will also wow a crowd.

Paleo chocolate pie

Hope you enjoy the pie, and feel free to share your variations 🙂

Enjoy the Moments, ttfn, xo

I’m Happy, I’m Healthy, I’m Fertile and We’re Adopting!!!


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