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My Three Turkeys

Yes, I have done this before (many time :s).  And YES, each time fails, but alas, here I am making another attempt.  There are two reasons I am jumping back into the world of blogging.  The first is purely selfish: I just want to!  The second is for KB.  She would like to join the blogging/vlogging/YouTube world.  The Hubs and I aren’t quite ready for her to have an online life, but, we can’t really deny that this is the way the world is turning.  As a compromise, she will be contributing to this blog for a while, to get a feel for things, and then maybe, if she really does like it, we will make the leap to YouTube.

So, let me take you on a little recap of life, since it’s been awhile since I’ve written anything.  Well, as you can see, I’ve changed the name of my blog, which means that we FINALLY adopted!!!  WOO HOO 😀  Our family of three became a family of five in July.  I wish I could show you all how gorgeous and cute my sons are.  For their safety, there is currently a media and social media ban placed on them, however, so no pictures, which we are ok with for now.  It actually gives us piece of mind, to be honest.  For blogging purposes I will use their nicknames, like I do with KB.  Fox is our oldest son, aged three.  He is witty, clever, and sly (hence his nickname).  He makes us laugh so much.  Bear is our baby, aged two.  He is cute and cuddly with big eyes and squishy cheeks, he is also charming and a little trouble maker.

Life has definitely changed for The Hubs, KB, and I, and in some surprising ways so I thought I should write them all down.  This is the selfish reason for blogging.  I just want to remember this journey.  If I can share some information that people find useful or help someone along the way, then that is just a happy bonus.  As I have been all along, I will continue to be perfectly honest about our experiences with adoption, attachment, the transition process and life with three children.  I am also going to continue sharing my struggles with PCOS, which seem never ending, and of course, my crafting and scrapbooking.  KB will be contributing (hopefully weekly) as well, and has some pretty cool ideas, so we’ll see how that goes!  Her hopes are to eventually have her own YouTube channel, so her weekly contribution to this blog is my way of helping her to organize her ideas into a plan that she can execute weekly.

Alright, before I bore you to death, I just wanted to leave you with one last thing.  As you know, every year I pick a word or idea as my resolution for the year.  I wanted to share with you my word for this year, ME.  This is the year I will be working on myself, making goals, achieving them, and doing things that make me happy.  Treating myself properly.  My whole family is going to practice taking care of themselves.  This blog is a big part of this resolution.  I love writing and sharing, but tend to lose the passion when I start to think about everyone who may read what I’ve written, and judge me.  I struggle with confidence in myself.  That is going to change this year!

So welcome to 2015!  Let’s get started.

Thanks for reading everyone 🙂

(PS- I will continue the story of our adoption process, including answering a few questions people have asked about the Homestudy… so stay tuned!)


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