Pocket Letter Video #4

I’m not sure what other people do with their pocket letters, but here is what I am doing with mine!  I bought a binder from Dollar Tree and used some of the left over bits of paper from the pocket letters I’ve made, to decorate the cover!  As I make more I’ll keep adding to the cover.  I cut out all the packing information and address from the package and slip it into a pocket, along with the letter.  I think it will be interesting in a few years to see how much it cost to send the packages from different places in the world!!!  This is a very simple and cheap way to keep my letters.  What are you doing with yours?  Do you use the cards, are you keeping them together like me?  If you are using them, I’d love to see what you’ve done 🙂

Here is the video on YouTube:

And here are some pictures of the binder and my newest pocket letter from Sarah:


IMG_4856 IMG_4858 IMG_4859 IMG_4867

Thanks so much for watching and reading!!!  Take care everyone 🙂


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