Haul (of Shame?)

Today my YouTube video features a little haul from my holidays.  We took an awesome family trip to Edmonton (don’t roll your eyes, we had FUN!), just me and the turkeys.  The Hubs worked since he hasn’t been back to work all that long, from his parental leave, and summer is definitely the busiest time for his restaurant.  We had a blast, which surprised me, only because being so close to Edmonton, I had never really considered it for a holiday before, and I was worried the kids would be bored.  We end up in Edmonton at least once or twice a year, which usually involves a trip to the mall, so I really wanted to try and stay away from there and explore new things.  We started our trip hunting for dinosaurs at Jurassic Forest (click for their website!).  The boys loved it and even KB had a lot of fun!  If you’re looking for a fun place to have a picnic and meet some dinosaurs, this is your place.  Day two, we went to the Telus World of Science to see the Dinosaurs Unearthed exhibit.  It was awesome 🙂  Day three, we wanted to go to Sylvan Lake for the day, but it ended up being cold, and rainy, so we slept in a little bit and swam at the hotel before checking out.  We had a late brunch, then did a little scrapbook shopping.  Edmonton has a few scrapbooking stores, which is great.  I decided to pick the three that were closest to our hotel.

The first one we checked out was closed… like forever closed 😦  It was Creative Scrapbooks, just so you know not to go there.  The second store I picked was Scrap Addicts.  It is a cute little store with a lot of new product!!!  I could have easily spent hundreds in there.  Their prices aren’t cheap, but I’d say they are pretty average for small, locally owned stores.  Yes, Michael’s with a coupon is a little cheaper, but you won’t be able to buy these products at Michael’s so there really is no comparison.  It was a very bright and happy store, and definitely worth checking out!

The third store was R&R Scrapbooking.  This store is in the basement of the owner’s house, so don’t be alarmed when your GPS brings you to a house in a cul-de-sac.  Follow the path at the side of her house to the entrance door, and down into her store.  I recommend planning to spend a long time there, or call ahead if you are looking for something specific, so she can pull it out for you.  She has ALOT of product in a small area.  There isn’t a lot of new stuff, but Rhea did tell me she is always open to special requests.  Bring a coffee, grab a seat on her chesterfield and riffle through the stamps and dies, and everything else she has, you never know what gems you will find 🙂

Of course, to end our trip we had to make a stop at The Donut Mill in Red Deer, on our way home!!!  The kids just love their wall of doughnuts.  They also have a deli so make sure to come for lunch and have a homemade sandwich and soup or chili 🙂

Here is my Youtube video featuring the haul!!!  Of course, I’m not actually ashamed of the haul, but I am supposed to be on a bit of a (voluntary) spending freeze, so this was a little bit of cheating.  Anyways, enjoy the video and thanks so much for watching and subscribing 🙂

Take care everyone 🙂


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