Scrapping on a Budget Tip#2

Oh boy, did this video ever give me trouble.  Between my phone cutting out on me, my turkeys interrupting me every two minutes, and taking a very, very long time to upload to YouTube, I just about canned the whole thing.  But I think tip #2 is an important one so I wanted to make sure I got something up… and that’s exactly what this video is… something… lol.

Tip #2 is ‘Know your Stash’.  This may seem obvious to you, I mean, of course you know your stash, you’re the one that bought it all to begin with, but do you ever take the time to go through your stuff and remind yourself of what you have?  This is a great way to make sure you use your stash up and keep your money in your pocket.  What have you got hidden away that you can pull out and give new life to?  Trends in scrapbooking are so cyclical, so you may just be sitting on some pretty, currently COOL, things that you dismissed after their last trend faded away.  Do you have duplicates of things (I mean, let’s be honest, how many heart punches do you REALLY need)?  Sell them!  Put a jar in your scrap space to keep all the money you make.  Set a goal for yourself to collect a certain amount, or aim for a specific new toy!

When you know your stash really well, it also means you can put together kits for new projects from your own stash instead of running out to the store to buy new stuff.  I was surprised to find I had some Disney stuff in my stash, that I can now use for a Disney album for KB!  I don’t remember buying it, or why I might have, but it was a great find, and meant I didn’t need to go buy new embellishments for the album.  If the time comes that I’ve used everything up, but still have more work to do on her album, then I can go buy exactly what I need.  I also took the time to look through my stash for some dinosaur stickers and embellishments to use for scrapping our latest little Dino-themed holiday.  I was only able to find one little pack of stickers, so I know, now, that I can invest some money into more embellishments for these pictures, if I find them.

Lastly, knowing your stash also means organizing it in a way that works for you, so you can use it up.  For me, that means having everything out, in front of me.  I showed you my beautifully messy desk, and in another video I will show you the rest of my space.  I am very visual, so if I see it I will use it!  This may not work for you, so find what does.  Do you like lists, do you like labels… how can you organize your space to maximize your odds of picking from your stash first, before buying more?  Give yourself challenges and goals of using things up before you go out to buy more.  When I do a more detailed space tour, I will be sure to link to other videos using different types of organization, to hopefully help inspire you to find the system that works best for you.

Thanks so much for watching and reading!  Happy Scrapping 🙂


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