Project Life Catch-Up!

I know you won’t be shocked to hear that I am behind in my Project Life.  Project Life often has to take a back burner, well, to, LIFE life.  I don’t own a photo printer, so I order my photos at the end of everything month, which means I always scrapbook at least a month behind so I am used to playing a little catch up, but I’m currently only working on July 2015, so that’s a little more than a month.  It’s time to rev it up a little bit, so that I can put 2015 away.

The key to catching-up is creating a plan of attack!  You need time, motivation, and desire.  Time is a big part of the plan.  Time is a commodity we all struggle to balance.  Here is my plan for 2016:

  1. Simplify!  Yes, like with all things, I think you get to a point in life, where you cherish simplicity (or is that just me?).  I love the beautifully embellished, amazingly creative, PL spreads I see on Youtube, but in reality, it’s just not going to happen for me… or at least, not every week.  So I’m continuing my approach of simple is better.  I swoon over the gorgeous photos I see popping into our favourite PLer’s pockets, but I just don’t get enough time at my computer to edit all the photos I take, so I work with what I have, and I don’t worry about it.  I like to pick just a few nice embellishments for each week, and let the stories shine through.
  2. Organize! I’ve found a really great system that keeps me organized so that printing photos is easy and simple (see above, haha).  Using Picasa, I quickly edit and manage my photos, make collages, and sort them into the right months.  I’m not sure what I will use once the updates to my computer finally render Picasa incompatible, but for now, it still works so I am holding on to it.  Staying organized is the key to making this whole system work.  I know exactly which photos I want to print off so I don’t get too overwhelmed.
  3. Schedule!  This is the hardest part for me.  In order to stay caught up while working a month behind, you need to make sure that you are scheduling time to work on your PL.  Make it part of your routine, whether it’s 20 minutes a day, an hour a week, one Sunday a month, whatever works for you.  Think of your Project Life in the same way that you think about other important parts of your life like groceries, going to the gym, date night.  Find times in your schedule to devote to PL and pencil them in!!!  You will thank yourself 🙂
  4. Think outside of the box!  The beautiful thing about scrapbooking is that there are no rules, so stop boxing yourself in.  If you find you are falling behind, then it’s time to rethink your approach.  I’m not sure that there are many others who PL the way I do, but it works for me so that’s what I will stick with.  I will explain more in my next video why this process works for me, but in short, it all goes back to being able to fit PL into my schedule, which often includes just short bursts of time to work on one or two cards at a time.  PL has evolved so much, and there are so many unique ways of doing it, you just need to find a way that works for you!
  5. Be Realistic!  This is another hard one for me.  Of course, I know what I can do, and I know what I want to do, but often the two don’t see eye to eye.  I’d love to be one of those prolific scrappers who pumps out tons of layouts (Nicole Jones, I’m looking at you here!) all while art journalling, creating mixed-media masterpieces on canvas, making cards for all their friends for every occasion, and perfecting their watercolour painting and brush script.  Maybe one day I will be, but not today, and not anytime soon.  Of course, I dream big, and ooh and ahh at everything I see, and think about how much I would love to do it to, but I have realistic expectations that I won’t always be able to do it all.  I have 3 young, busy kids, a full time job I commute to, a husband and family, friends, and community obligations.  There are only so many hours in the day.  I will always want to do more, and it’s good to have goals, and try new things, but don’t let it all overwhelm you.  Pick the things that are important and make them a priority.  If there is time left over, then woo hoo, that’s a bonus, and you can fit in something else, but if not, then that’s ok, because you’ve, at least, accomplished the important things 🙂

Here is my latest video working on February 2016.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mBJxrApWRLQ

My next video will explain this plan of attack in a little more detail and also share a little more about the photos, as I embellish each pocket.  Thank you so much for reading and watching 🙂 If you have any questions, please let me know!

Enjoy, and Happy Scrapping!



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