Quick Scrap Series!

I talk a lot about time and my lack of it. We’re all busy with family, friends, work, responsibilities, obligations, LIFE!  I’ve decided to just embrace it and do what I can to make it all work, because, honestly, what else can you do?  One thing that I find is working well for me are these quick scrap sessions.  I’ve kept up with the little page kits I made for my crop last year, and I love that I can pull them out, and get a page done in about 10-15 minutes.  I keep my ‘go-to’s (like mists, washi, tags, enamel dots ect…) in a raskog beside me for easy access, and the bits and pieces of my kit in my little blue egg holder (is that what it’s called?) on my table.  There isn’t a lot of overthinking, or complicated techniques involved, I just do what feels right to get the pictures scrapped and the story told.  I tend to fall back on layout designs I know work well for me, but this is also a good opportunity to use all the sketches I’ve been collecting.  When I find myself with some extra free time, I put together a few more kits, so I always have one ready to go.

I still love being able to take my time and put together a really nice, technique-heavy, well-thought-out,  layout, of course, when I’m able to.  I try to schedule scrap time every week and let my family know it’s happening.  Sometimes it works out that I have the whole afternoon to scrap away, and sometimes life throws in a surprise that limits the time I have, in which case, I can grab one of these kits and at least feel like I’ve given myself a little bit of time and accomplished something.  If you are lucky enough to have your own work area where you can start a layout and let it sit out as you work on it, then you may not worry too much about how long it takes to complete a layout, but I don’t have a space like that, so if I start a layout, I need to finish that layout in the same sitting.  I used to get discouraged if I didn’t have, at least, an hour, or more to devote to creating something.  It seemed like a big task to pull out all my supplies, pick my papers and embellishments, get myself all set up and comfortable, and then only have a few minutes to actually scrap before I had to pack everything up and put it all away.  With a little preparation and a change in mind-set, I’ve found a way to work with my schedule and I’m really happy about it.  I know these layouts are pretty simple and basic, but I hope that they inspire you to find a way to make your time work for you, and get your pictures scrapped!!!  Here are two layouts I’ve done so far, and there are more on the way.  Hope you enjoy 🙂

Thanks so much for watching!  Please let me know if you have any questions or comments.  I appreciate all the thumbs up and subscriptions.

Happy Scrapping 🙂


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