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Wild Whisper Designs Guest designer: No Place Like Home Collection

I am so so excited to share that I was chosen to be a guest designer for Wild Whisper Designs for the month of March.  Not only are Suzy and Heather super nice ladies, but they are also Canadian and local to me, AAANNNDDD their products are amazing.  Their designs are unique, and I absolutely love the thought and sentiment put into each one.  The colours are fabulous.  The quality of the papers is so great, it’s thick, and has a lovely glossiness to it.  This layout was so much fun to make 🙂

Now let me share a little bit about the picture.  As you know, our youngest two are adopted.  This picture was taken just a few short weeks after they first came to live with us.  There were so many things that made us feel like this was the right decision, that we are the family for them, but because this is one of the most important decisions in your adoptive children’s lives, there is always a little voice at the back of your mind asking if this is the right match.  Are we the best parents for these two beautiful boys?  We made a huge decision on their behalf, and was it the right one?  Of course, you know deep down in your heart that it absolutely was the right decision, but it takes time for reality to set in.

At the point that I snapped this photo, we were all still trying to get used to each other.  The boys were trying to figure out what had happened in their lives, and who the heck we are.  And we were trying to adapt to life as a family of five, and not lose them in a crowd because we still weren’t used to looking for their faces.  We spent all our time together to work hard to earn each other’s trust and develop strong attachments and bonding.  It takes time for children to trust you.  They have to rely on you because they need your help to survive, but trust is something completely different.  Bonding and attachment take time, especially for children who have come from insecurity, bounced around from foster home to foster home, and have experienced trauma early on in life.  We had had many sweet moments of bonding in the first few weeks that they came to live with us, but the moment they so confidently and trustingly took their sister’s hands and walked off (away from me, which hadn’t really happened before this point) I just knew that they were HOME 🙂  It’s not the best quality picture, but it means so much to me that I was able to capture the moment I stopped worrying about the decision we made to bring them into our family, because I knew it was the right one.

(How many times can one person say ‘cluster’, lol)

A Very BIG thank you to Heather and Suzy for allowing me to play with their beautful collection!!!  Thanks for watching, hope you enjoy!  Happy Scrapping 🙂


2 thoughts on “Wild Whisper Designs Guest designer: No Place Like Home Collection

  1. Your layout is beautiful Jenn! You’ve showcased the collection wonderfully and I love the story behind your photo! Great to meet another Albertan as well- and I just found out your Guest Designing with us at SpiegelMom Scraps too! Maybe we’ll meet up at the Creative Scrapbook Show!

    1. Thank you so much for taking a look!!! I’ve been having so much fun guest designing at SpiegelMom Scraps!!! You ladies are all so wonderful 🙂 I’ll be helping out at the Wild Whisper Designs booth throughout the Carnival in Calgary, come pop by and say hi, if you see me 😀

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