Canada 150 Bucket List Update (Jan-April)

Today is May 1st, so I think I’m long overdue for an update on our family’s Canada 150 Bucket List!  Just to recap, this year is Canada’s 150th birthday and to celebrate my family came up with 150 things to do this year, our Canada 150 Bucket List.  I have to give the credit for the idea to my Mum and a huge shout out to many of my family and friends for helping us come up with 150 ideas.  Most of the items on our bucket list are things that we know we will be able to do over the course of the year.  They are local places we love to go to but haven’t been in a while, or they are places we know we will make it to on our road trip across Canada this summer.  We also picked a lot of things that interest us, like reading and eating!  My aim for the list was to have a good combination of fun, silly, easy to attain items, mixed with a few more challenging ones, just to keep us on our toes.

I’ve been so touched by everyone who has shown interest in our little family project and wants to know more, so I thought I would give an update on how we’re doing so far 🙂  January was a little slow going.  The weather was crappy and cold, and I was very sick for most of the month. Plus, we were still in the process of working on the details for our bucket list, but we did make it to a new restaurant (#21) that just opened in our area, and The Hubs and I had a fabulous anniversary supper.  It was a great way to get us started on our adventure.  If you are ever in southern Alberta, be sure to check out Westwood by Treeline Outdoors in Black Diamond.  Delicious, locally sourced food, live music, wonderful staff, and a heartwarming cause to keep them going so please check them out.  We also started watching the tv show Cardinal (#12), which is a Canadian crime show based on Giles Blunt’s novel Forty Words for Sorrow.  It takes place in the fictitious town of Algonquin Bay, which is based on the actual town of North Bay (where my Dad went to Highschool) in Northern Ontario.  We loved the series and are excited to hear that it has been pickedup for another season!  I’ve also added the book to my tbr for this year!

In February things picked up a little bit with a concert, a family trip to Edmonton, and a good book!!!  The Hubs surprised me with concert tickets to see Frank Turner (not Canadian but one of his faves) and The Arkells (#18), who are Canadian and who I love.  It was a great night.  We also took a quick trip to Edmonton while the kiddos were off school for family week.  Edmonton is the capital of Alberta (#6) and we visited the West Edmonton Mall (#32).  Lastly, I read Station Eleven, a post-epidemic story that follows a few survivors as they adapt to their new world, written by Emily St.John Mandel. (#11).

March brough a busy birthday month in this house, but we still managed to make it to the local Farmer’s market (#129) to indulge in some delicious food (notice a bit of a trend?) and buy our favourite, locally made kombucha, which the kids love because they can pour it themselves from a tap, and taste test all the flavours.  I was also fortunate enough to be a guest designer for a local scrapbooking company (go check out the amazing collections and products at Wild Whisper Designs ), and love that I can support two amazing, local ladies, in their business venture (#35) 🙂

April brought the most adventure!  We started with a trip to Lake Louise for a dance competition.  This helped us to check off quite a few items on the list, including #’s 2, 9, 21, 33, 43, 78, 88, and #144.  Before heading off on our road trip into the mountains, we grabbed some Italian soda from a cute little store across the street from The Hubs restaurant (#35).  We visited another small town called Balzac at Easter, to meet the Easter Bunny (#78).  We also managed to visit a few other small towns(#78) while the turkeys were off for Easter break, Milo, Vulcan (home of the Enterprise!!! (#103) ), the Siksika Nation (where we visited Blackfoot Crossing (#102)) , High River, and Nanton.  We spent a day in Calgary, and visited the Calgary Tower (#68), and Studio Bell National Music Centre (#135).  Oh, and let’s not forget that we took the train downtown, and visited Engine 23 at the library (#147) 🙂  Phew!  Anything else?  Let’s see… we played at Olympic Plaza (#147), learned about the Famous 5 at their statues downtown Calgary (#145), I took a class (#130) to learn some new scrapbooking skills from one of the lovely co-owners of Wild Whisper Designs, and bought some goodies from them to (#35)Dressed up like a superhero for National Superhero Day (#148) and spent the weekend 100 000 other geeks at the Calgary Comic Expo (#40).  Sprinkle in a few poutines and some random maple leaves that we’ve spotted, and I’d say we are well on our way to finishing our bucket list 🙂

That wraps it up for now!  Thanks so much for following our adventure 🙂  See you next month!!!

Canada 150 Bucket List layout!

As we near the end of April, the amount of things we are doing from our Canada 150 bucket list is really picking up!  To start things off, I did what all scrapbookers would do, I made a layout about my list!  Check out the process video!  And stay tuned for vlogs, blog updates and a video showing my little Traveler’s notebook kit that I will be using to document our bucket list adventures 🙂

Thank you so much for watching 🙂

Happy Scrapping!!!

My Canada 150 Bucket List

This year Canada is celebrating it’s 150th birthday!  Happy Birthday Canada!  My Grandma is also celebrating her 80th birthday.  Happy Birthday Grandma!  Of course, 80 means a big party is in order, and since my family lives in Ottawa, that means we are taking a trip.  We haven’t been home since Fox and Bear came to live with us, and now that their adoption is officially official, we thought it would be a good idea to combine all these celebrations together by taking an EPIC Canadian roadtrip!!!  We’ll be driving right across the country, visiting family and friends, and doing as many Canadian things as possible.  We spent some time coming up with the ultimate family friendly Canada 150 Bucket List with 150 things to do this year.  We chose things we know we will be able to do on our roadtrip, things we have always wanted to do near us but haven’t done yet, and a few things that will really challenge us to accomplish.  We asked friends and family for ideas of what would be on their bucket lists, and we now actually have MORE than 150 things (which just means we’ll have to do this again another year!!!).  We had to leave off anything to do with the northern Territories because I just knew we wouldn’t make it there, but we have been gathering ideas for a “Northern Canada Bucket List” so that will make for a fun future road trip.

We have had a lot of people ask us about our bucket list, so I thought I’d share it here, as a monthly (and probably weekly/daily once we hit the road) blog entry.  We will also be doing a few vlogs so I will make sure you share the links with you for those as well.  Please feel free to share your lists with me, and tag me in your photos so we can see what your up to for Canada 150.  We’d love to hear about your Canada 150 adventures 🙂  To follow along with us on Instagram, use the hashtag #GCCanada150BucketList .  I’ve posted my list for you, if you need some inspiration for your own. (I will update this list as we complete the items)

1. Eat a Beavertail
2.Visit a Canadian Castle *
3.Go to a hockey game
4.Watch fireworks on Canada Day
5.Visit all 10 provinces
6.Visit the capital city of all 10 provinces
7. Visit the Nations capital
8.Visit Parliment Hill
9.Visit the Rocky Mountains *
10.Go to Stampede
11.Read 10 books by Canadian authors **
12. Watch a Canadian tv series *
13. Watch a Canadian movie
14.Go to a community fair
15.Go the a Santa Claus parade
16.Visit the Terry Fox Memorial
17.Visit the Rideau Canal
18.Go see a Canadian band in concert *
19.Build a snowman
20. Build a fort/igloo
21.Try 50 new restaurants******
22. Swim in a lake
23. Spend a day at the river
24.Swim in the ocean
25.Visit a zoo
26.Visit an aquarium
27.Read a book about First Nations*
28. Read a book by a First Nations author
29.Go to a pow wow
30.Create a meal with maple syrup in every course
31.Hunt for dinosaurs
32.Visit West Edmonton Mall *
33.Visit 10 National parks
34.Visit 10 waterfalls
35. Support at least 10 local companies***
36.Take a roadtrip across at least 2 provinces
37.Ride a train
38.Buy a piece of Canadian art
39.Create a piece of Canadian art
40.Visit a comic expo*
41.Attend 10 festivals
42.Go camping
43.Have a bonfire *
44.Go to a baseball game
45.Go to the Bay of Fundy
46.Get smoked meat at Schwartz’s in Montreal
47.Visit the Basilica of Sainte-Anne-de Beaupre in Quebec City
48.Visit Anne of Green Gables
49. Have lobster on the East Coast
50.Walk the Cabot Trail
51. Have ice cream at Cows in PEI
52. Visit the red sand dunes in Cavendish beach
53.Go whale watching
54. See puffins in Newfoundland
55. Visit Iceberg alley in Newfoundland
56.Listen to the audio book Anne of Green Gables while driving through PEI
57.Go to the Hopewell Rocks
58.Swim in a hot springs in the Rocky Mountains
59.Visit the Okotoks erratic
60. Buy some fresh fruit from a fruit stand in BC
62.Visit Upper Canada Village
63.Go to the By-ward market
64.Visit Kingston (Canada’s first capital)
65.Visit Fort Henry
66.Visit the CN tower
67.Visit Fort Macleod
68.Visit the Calgary tower*
69.Pick our own fruit
70.Try some local wine
71.Visit a local distillery
72. Visit a local brewery
73.Visit a local honey farm
74.Take a picture in a sunflower field
75.Visit a corn maze
76.Go to the Stampede parade
77.Go to Drumheller
78. Go to 150 small towns******
79.Visit 5 of Canada’s “biggest_____”
80.Feed the ducks
81.Feed the swans by Billings Bridge
82. Have a Tim Hortons in every province*
83.Go tobogganing
84.Go skating
85. Visit 3 local parks and have a picnic
86. Do 2 hikes out of our local hiking book
87.Find the Aurora Borealis
88.Eat 150 poutines**
89.Go to Portage and Main in Winnipeg (center of Canad)
90.Swim in a Great Lake
91.Spot 5 iconic Canadian animals
92.Eat St. Albert’s cheese curds
93.Find a mountie
94.Have a Canadian snacks day (mmm ketchup chips!)
95.Go to a drive-in
96.Jump in a pile of leaves
97. Have a classic Thanksgiving dinner
98.Have a snowball fight
99. Catch snowflakes on your tongue
100.Go apple picking
101. Go to a pumpkin patch
102. Go to Blackfoot Crossing Trail *
103 Visit the Enterprise in Vulcan *
104.Go to Head Smashed-In Buffalo Jump
105.Go horseback riding
106.Go on a wagon ride
107.Buy a Hudson’s Bay blanket
109. Help paint a mural in your community
110. Find 150 maple leaves in unique places***
111. Visit a UNESCO World Heritage site
112. Visit the War memorial in Ottawa
113. Walk down Sparks St.
114. Do a ghost walk tour
115.Go shopping on Boxing Day
116. Have a beer on May 24 weekend
117.Have a Caesar in every province*
118.Go to Peggy’s Cove
119. World’s longest covered bridge in New Brunswick
120.Go to Drumheller’s Little Church
121.Visit Frank Slide
122.Donate to local charities*
123. Volunteer for a local organization/charity
124.Clean up your neighbourhood
125. Host/participate in a block party
126.Get to know your neighbours
127.Find a new playground in your community
128. Go to Rothney Astrophysical Observatory to see the stars
129. Frequent local farmer’s markets*
130. Take a class to learn something new *
131.Watch a sunrise
132.Watch a sunset
133.Bake a Canadian dessert
134.Learn a new Canadian recipe
135.Visit Studio Bell National Music Centre *
136. Visit an Art Museum
137. Visit a Military Museum
138. Visit the Museum of Civilization
139. Sing Happy 375th Birthday to Montreal in Montreal!
140. Make bannock *
141. Have a multicultural meal
142.Welcome a new Canadian citizen to Canada
143.Bring the family together from across the country for a family reunion
144. Be awed by beautiful Canadian dancers *
145. Learn about the Famous 5 *
146. Visit some Olympic venues*
147.Visit Fire engine 23 at the Central Library in Calgary *
148. Participate in as many “National” days as possible**
149. Find as many wall murals as you can*
150.Build an Inukshuk

Happy Canada 150!!!


Sunshine and Happiness July Project Life

Hello!!!  Sunshine and Happiness is exactly the right name for this collection from Simple Stories.  It was perfect for documenting our month of July, which included a little stay-cation to the beach.  Look at all those beautiful colours and fun elements.  This is my July week two spread, in two parts.  There is an accompanying layout coming up as well, so stay tuned for that 🙂  Thank you so much for watching!!!

Until next time, Happy Scrapping 🙂

Crop and Create Show and Tell

Another Crop and Create has come and gone, and I just wanted to do a little show and tell of all the fun goodies we got (and I bought!) and what I made 🙂  Talk about a fun weekend!!!  Scrapbook and Cards Today puts on a great event, filled with prizes, giveaways, make and takes, and classes.  I loved seeing so many familiar faces at this crop, we’re like a big Alberta scrapbooking family.  Because this was a birthday year for the magazine, we celebrated with some extra fun giveaways, and big prizes.  I’ve listed all the sponsors for the weekend down below, and I am sending out a HUGE THANK YOU to them all for helping to make this a great weekend.  I also have to mention the teachers/make and take specialists/celebrities of the weekend, Catherine (Owner, publisher of the magazine), Vicki Boutin, Nicole Nowosad, Jennifer Edwardson, and Shanon Kendall, as well as all the ladies who helped in the classrooms as EAs, and the two stores that were set up there, Scrap Shotz and Ladybug Scrapbook.  A shout out to the Carriage House in as well, for always being a great host to the event.  Can’t wait to do it again next year 🙂  I’ve added links to the magazine, all the sponsors, and the scrapbook stores.  And of course, links to my show and tell videos are below as well!!!  Thanks so much for watching 🙂

See you all again soon!  Happy Scrapping 🙂

Valentine’s Day layouts <3

Better late than never!!!  Here are a couple of cute, quick Valentine’s Day layouts I made for my local scrapbook club’s February Scrap Your Stash challenge.  I made them while watching Sing with my three turkeys.  It was a great afternoon 🙂

Thanks so much for watching 🙂  Happy Scrapping!!!

Wild Whisper Designs Guest designer: No Place Like Home Collection

I am so so excited to share that I was chosen to be a guest designer for Wild Whisper Designs for the month of March.  Not only are Suzy and Heather super nice ladies, but they are also Canadian and local to me, AAANNNDDD their products are amazing.  Their designs are unique, and I absolutely love the thought and sentiment put into each one.  The colours are fabulous.  The quality of the papers is so great, it’s thick, and has a lovely glossiness to it.  This layout was so much fun to make 🙂

Now let me share a little bit about the picture.  As you know, our youngest two are adopted.  This picture was taken just a few short weeks after they first came to live with us.  There were so many things that made us feel like this was the right decision, that we are the family for them, but because this is one of the most important decisions in your adoptive children’s lives, there is always a little voice at the back of your mind asking if this is the right match.  Are we the best parents for these two beautiful boys?  We made a huge decision on their behalf, and was it the right one?  Of course, you know deep down in your heart that it absolutely was the right decision, but it takes time for reality to set in.

At the point that I snapped this photo, we were all still trying to get used to each other.  The boys were trying to figure out what had happened in their lives, and who the heck we are.  And we were trying to adapt to life as a family of five, and not lose them in a crowd because we still weren’t used to looking for their faces.  We spent all our time together to work hard to earn each other’s trust and develop strong attachments and bonding.  It takes time for children to trust you.  They have to rely on you because they need your help to survive, but trust is something completely different.  Bonding and attachment take time, especially for children who have come from insecurity, bounced around from foster home to foster home, and have experienced trauma early on in life.  We had had many sweet moments of bonding in the first few weeks that they came to live with us, but the moment they so confidently and trustingly took their sister’s hands and walked off (away from me, which hadn’t really happened before this point) I just knew that they were HOME 🙂  It’s not the best quality picture, but it means so much to me that I was able to capture the moment I stopped worrying about the decision we made to bring them into our family, because I knew it was the right one.

(How many times can one person say ‘cluster’, lol)

A Very BIG thank you to Heather and Suzy for allowing me to play with their beautful collection!!!  Thanks for watching, hope you enjoy!  Happy Scrapping 🙂